The Beginning

This is it! This is the beginning.  I have wanted to start a blog for quite some time but really needed a forcing event to get me moving. Well, that forcing event has finally come. My company has requested that I begin blogging regularly. Nothing like a corporate edict to get me over the hump so here I go.

I have always thought that blogging would be a highly glamorous task, one in which I spend some time expounding on some topic of great interest to myself in hopes that in some way a reader of my post would find their job a little easier or even be inspired to start doing something differently than they have before. We shall see. At this point it is much less glamorous and is really more of a spotlight on my poor written communication skills but I plan to remedy that.

In the months ahead, as I develop my writing skills, I will be posting entries on the topics that I find myself engaged in daily. I am a Solutions Architect for Axian Consulting with an emphasis on custom application development so the topics will probably vary greatly.

A little about me…

I have been developing software since 1990 when I was hired by ImageBuilder Software (formerly CDI) as a C programmer in MS-DOS. My first project was to write a CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) reader. Many of you probably have never heard of a CGM but they still have a significant following amongst those involved with technical illustration, electronic documentation, geophysical data visualization and many other areas. I was fairly young when I worked with CGMs so I can still remember much of the specification but I will not be creating any posts on this topic. After CGMs I worked in presentation software (anyone remember Harvard Graphics?) and then moved into cross platform educational and multimedia software for the Macintosh and Windows OS. All of the development was in C++. Ah, those were the days! After a while, I became the Technology Director for Application Development and after 14 years decided my next job would definitely need to have more variety. Enter Axian Consulting…

I started at Axian back in 2003 looking for variety and have not been disappointed. Since then, I have been able to work on projects ranging from build systems to robotics and from simulators to web services. I have completed several projects in the .Net stack but I spend most of my time these days in the Java/JBoss stack.

Throughout my career, however, I have always had a steady interest in refining the development process and the implementation of best practices. I will definitely be posting on these areas sometime in the future.

Sometime soon, I will fill in my “About” page and maybe even add a glamour shot.

Stay tuned,

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